The Colorado Montessori Association is a powerful voice for Montessori advocacy providing a forum for networking and professional growth in the Montessori Community. It is a highly functioning, evolving professional organization, unified in its vision, respectful, purposeful and inclusive.

Top Ten Reasons to Join CMA
10) Because Maria would totally join if she lived here!

9) Because no one likes to go it alone and CMA has your back!

8) When we approach CDHS or CDE with concerns about regulations, we will be able to say we represent most Montessori schools and teachers in the state of Colorado - and we all vote! Become a bigger part of the solution. There is strength in numbers!

7) Your school can display the CMA logo on its website.

6) You get to attend Director's Network meetings.

5) You will be invited to hear from two Colorado Montessori representatives after their return from the Montessori Public Policy Initiative retreat in Washington DC in late September.

4) You receive discounted registration for many professional development events, discounted ads, have access to the member only section on the website and post materials for sale on the website.

3) You can influence regulations and policy and be a more powerful advocate for children and Montessori in Colorado as a CMA member.

2) Because you want to use glass in your Practical Life Area and the smallest cubes of the Pink Tower (CMA was the reason we have a waiver process.

1) You will be able to attend the CMA Peace Gathering on September 16 at no cost!

Q & A with the Directors at the Office of Early Childhood Regarding PDIS and QRIS

Q & A with the Directors at the Office of Early Childhood  Regarding PDIS and QRIS

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